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Affiliate program terms

Affiliate — physical or legal person accepting the public offer at website, and working in the sphere of promotion of products of clients of the Trueplay affiliate program on the Internet;

Affiliate program — marketing agency specializing on attracting users to the client website at the usage of affiliate schemes;

Players — persons, coming to the client website through the affiliate link and registering personal gaming accounts within the Client system and paying first deposit;

Earnings — affiliate commission percentage from the brand income from the players attracted by the given affiliate;

Payout — Affiliate payout from the personal account within Trueplay affiliate program to any external payment system or payment facilitator that is acceptable by Affiliate program;

Accounting period — the time period , during which the accumulation and calculation of affiliate earnings is taken.  The accounting period is based on the monthly accounting calendar;

Promotional tools — instruments (texts, banners, links etc.), used by Affiliates in order to promote the Affiliates Trueplay client services.

Terms of work

1.1. Proceeding to work with Affiliates Trueplay program every affiliate should read and accept the following terms.

1.2. Taking part in the affiliate program the Affiliate accepts that the following rules and conditions can be changed without prior notice to the Affiliate.

1.3. Affiliate (natural person), accepting the Affiliates Trueplay terms and conditions, thus confirming that it is 18 years old or more.

1.4. Affiliate takes full responsibility for the safety of personal data which permits entering the system (login and password). Affiliates Trueplay program is not responsible for the loss of personal data.

1.5. Affiliates Trueplay Program reserves the right to refuse in cooperation to any of Affiliate without assigning any reasons.

1.6. Affiliates Trueplay reserves the right to make changes in the Affiliate Program terms. Terms, published at the site of the program are considered to be operating at the moment. Chronology of changes of the affiliate program rules is not logged.

1.7. Trueplay Affiliate Program strictly prohibits its Affiliates to use e-mail spam as a promotional instrument. In case of any spam activity from the side of the Affiliate, Affiliates Trueplay reserves the right to close the affiliate accounts in the Affiliates Trueplay without any further payouts.

1.8. Affiliates are not allowed to register their accounts at Clients gaming projects using their own affiliate program. In the event of such action, the Affiliate’s account is blocked. This rule applies equally to people personally familiar with an Affiliate.

1.9. Affiliate program provides Affiliates with graphic materials and texts. Affiliates may use the information available on the project website and from Project lobby, in their own description. Copying texts from projects site "as it is" may be grounds for termination of cooperation with an Affiliate.

1.10. Trueplay affiliate program retains the right to request an Affiliate for traffic sources where the Affiliate promotes the Project. If the Affiliate flatly refuses to show those sources Affiliate program reserves the right to withhold partnership with the Affiliate.

1.11. Affiliate Branded traffic is the traffic generated by the vital queries, i.e. containing the name of the Client projects in a variety of spellings, including incorrect (typosquatting). If Affiliate wishes to use branded traffic, they must first contact support and agree on the terms of work. In case of intentional use of standard Commission models for brand traffic and concealment of this information, the Affiliate program reserves the right to suspend cooperation with the Affiliate.

1.12. Affiliate program reserves the right to freeze payouts to the Affiliate, if the administration of the  Affiliate program, or the project administration has reason to assume that the Affiliate has been violating the terms while working with Affiliate program. Payouts can be frozen for any length of time until the circumstances are clarified. According to the results of the inspection the Affiliate program reserves the right to block Affiliate's account without payouts if the Affiliate has been violating the terms of working with Affiliate programs.

1.13. Affiliate program reserves the right to make changes in the Affiliate’s financial balance, taking into account the amount that the player gained or lost as a consequence of the activity of fraudulent players. Balance changes for this reason can be made indefinitely for any time since the fraud has been detected.

1.14. The Affiliate program reserves the right to block Affiliate’s account in case of defamation, baseless accusations and abuse of customer support team or Affiliate program administration.

1.15. If the Affiliate provides false information about the sources of traffic, this entails to blocking of its account.

1.16. Affiliate Program Trueplay does not provide Affiliates with confidential information and statistics, except for the one Affiliates can see themselves in their accounts. 

1.17. TruePlay affiliate program forbids the use of 2 (two) or more Affiliate’s accounts 

1.18. TruePlay Affiliate program reserves the right to block the affiliate account, in case of detection of motivated traffic aimed at circumventing the rules related to the holding funds

1.19. Affiliate program follows the last cookie wins rule, which means that the player is attributed the referral code of the Affiliate, whose ad was the last to bring the client to the project.

Affiliate program commission structure

2.1. Affiliates earnings are formed from the percentage of received net revenue from the players attracted by the given Affiliate. Percentage of Affiliate’s income depends on the commission program and Affiliate’s status in the loyalty program.

2.2. The standard Commission program is a fixed RevShare, which is calculated by the formula:

((100% - ROYALTY) * NG - CP - (DEPOSITS+PAYOUTS) * 7.5%) * RS %, where RS % = revenue share income, the Value of revenue share income may vary depending on the client's project and the number of first deposits of players.

Work order with negative account balances

3.1.Affiliate program automatically compensates negative balances of Affiliates. No negative carryover.

3.2. In some cases, Affiliate program can carry large negative balances by parts to the next reporting accounting period. Affiliate can contact Affiliate program help desk ( with a request to restructure large negative balances.

Procedure and terms of payouts with Affiliates

4.1. All internal calculations within an Affiliate Program are made in TPLAY tokens. Token value is binded to Ethereum 1000 TPLAY = 1 ETH. Commission withdrawal is made in currency of e-wallet signed in an Affiliates profile;

4.2. The accounting period set by Trueplay affiliate program is equal to the half of the month and usually makes 15 days (1st -15th and 15th-30th days of each month).

4.3.The money for the previous Accounting period is transferred during 5(five) working day after end of accounting period.

4.4. Affiliates payments can be not paid in time for reasons of checking Affiliates traffic sources or because of the suspicious activity of the Affiliate's players. The duration of the delay on payouts (Hold) is determined by the administration of the Affiliate Program at its sole discretion.

4.5.The minimum possible payout from an Affiliate account is 100 TPLAY

4.6. Change of payout details is made at least before 3 (three) working days of the end of the current accounting period.

4.7. Partner’s income listed in Tplay tokens is daily converted to USD according to the current day’s "Close" rate. For currency conversion calculation we use data provided by CoinMarketCap resource, link: Formula used for calculation is: Ethereum “Close” rate / 1000*Partner’s income in Tplay = Partner income in USD

4.8. Currency conversion, USD to any other currency, during payment transfer to a partner is made at the exchange rates at the time of payment.

Disputes resolution

5.1. In case of dispute, Affiliates Trueplay program is always ready to consider the Affiliate's arguments and approach to solving the arising problems on the the most open-minded and honest basis regarding the interests of both Parties. Decision taken by the Affiliates Trueplay representatives is always final and cannot be the subject of reconsideration.

Subaffiliates attraction

6.1. Trueplay affiliate program permits the affiliates to earn not only by attracting players to Affiliates Trueplay client projects but also by attracting new Subaffiliates Affiliates Trueplay pays the Affiliate 5% from all earnings of the new Subaffiliates they he had attracted.

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