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Webmasters Race
100% Revshare
5,000 FTD for 6 months
100% RevShare for all players within the total limit of 5,000 FTD
FTD counter (First Time Deposit)
5 000
4941 deposits left
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* Webmasters race contest will begin at 11/18/2019
List of participants
Place Participants FTD
1 51955 26
2 51921 12
3 52923 8
4 52744 5
5 52857 4
6 51940 2
7 52749 1
8 52897 1
Marathon rules
  • To access the offer, please contact our support team and request to activate the 100% RS program. After the activation, you will be able to generate referral links for the program.
  • To take part in the Promotion, an affiliate has to activate the 100% RS program by contacting support and attract players to the Fairspin casino from November 18, 2019, and until the total 5000 FTD limit is reached.
  • A counter with 5000 FTD starts counting from the campaign starting date and will count in the order in which new players come to the project.
  • Award-winning players will be distributed among partners in direct proportion to the number of players brought by each partner.
  • There are no restrictions on attracting players within max number of 5000. How many new players you bring, so many players are assigned to you.
  • 100% RevShare is assigned to the partner for six months starting from the date when the player is registered in the system.
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