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Blockchain-based honesty control
The partner takes it all
  • Shaving is totally eliminated by blockchain technology.
  • Once registered, a player is tied to an affiliate by an immutable smart contract.
  • All his gaming and transaction stats are protected by blockchain. All calculations are clear and checkable.
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Why blockchain?
Blockchain is a distributed database represented by a chain of blocks that stores information about all transactions between the system participants and protects this data with the following features:
  • Decentralization – there is no centralized server in the chain, each participant is the server.
  • Confidentiality – all data is encrypted and a unique access key is required for any transactions.
  • Transparency – transaction data is stored in the public domain.
  • Security – an attempt to make unauthorized changes to the system will be rejected due to the inconsistency of the data with previous blocks in the chain.
Such global behemoths as IBM, Walmart, or Microsoft are already using blockchain which proves the huge potential of this technology, especially for doing a transparent business.
How blockchain casino works
  • When a player registers in a casino via your promo link, we create a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.
    A smart contract is a computer algorithm that ensures the fulfillment of the contract terms by both parties without intermediaries. By writing data to a smart contract, the affiliate program publicly recognizes that a player (an owner of a particular cryptocurrency wallet) is attached to an affiliate (an owner of another cryptocurrency wallet). A smart contract guarantees the lifetime binding of a player to your account and can be checked at any time.
  • Each transaction between a player and a casino is recorded in a smart contract. All calculations are carried out in TPLAY tokens through the TruePlay crypto wallet. This allows you to track every transaction on blockchain and eliminates any possibility of data diddling.
  • TruePlay’s TrueSign module monitors a game provider’s compliance with the license terms. All game data is recorded on blockchain to let everyone check if a game’s mechanics correspond with its set algorithms.
Trueplay platform
A transparent blockchain ecosystem for all the market participants
Become a partner
  • Players track their deposits and withdrawals, winnings and losses in a smart contract.
  • Affiliates track revenue from referred players.
  • Casinos provide only licensed and reliable content.
  • Game providers’ credibility is confirmed through the TrueSign blockchain module.
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